conventionLOGOI am often asked, “What is the most important thing that you can do for your Daisy Blue business?”  My answer is simple; invest to attend our Annual Convention.  Invest in yourself!  It is hands down the most valuable investment you could possibly make in your business.

Those who attend our annual gathering not only grow in their businesses, but often grow personally as well.  You get the opportunity to have one on one time with other consultants, field leaders, and Daisy Blue staff members. 

Daisy Blue makes an investment to bring you top notch trainers and speakers, who will be covering everything from chemicals in skin care, essential oil focus, and business training. 

Join our naturally fun event!

Each year, it brings me so much joy to watch the growth that occurs in every single person that attends our annual gatherings.  NO JOKE!  I get to watch their businesses grow, their income grow, their knowledge grow, and their excitement grow! 

I love seeing the families & supporting consultants that celebrate together at our awards evening.

I enjoy the ‘a-ha’ moments that happen when an attendee realizes she has the power and potential to grow her business.

If you want to make $1,000 or so much more each month in your business, attend our annual gathering.  It will give you the foundation to grow on.

I know that if every consultant could see what is possible, they would never ever quit.  It’s time to step outside the box and be part of our growth and shared vision.  By attending our gathering, you and your business will change in a positive way.

What is it worth to you?  It will require an investment on your part to get to convention, which is in St. Paul, MN, this year.  This year, we have kept it extremely affordable to attend, and have given you an option to earn your registration and travel expenses for free.  In addition, we offer payment plans and other opportunities that most businesses do not offer.  WE WANT YOU THERE!  I understand that the investment in money and time can be scary, but remember, this is an investment in YOU and YOU are WORTH it!  (Plus, it’s a tax write-off, and when you watch your business grow, you’ll appreciate those tax write-offs)!

We want YOU at our Annual Convention!

What are you willing to do to make sure you are part of our annual gathering?  Give up your daily mocha?  Cancel cable for the summer? 

If it is your goal to learn more about our products, expand your business knowledge, and increase your monthly income, you must attend.


Not only will you have the opportunity to get hands on experiences with the new products, you will get to network with our top leaders, all of whom are attending this year’s gathering!  You will make new friends who understand your journey.  They are the leaders who have been where you are at, and can help you through the ebbs and flows of your business.

Dr. Daisy – want to gain a stronger knowledge on the Dr. Daisy line?  We have a special session with yours truly lined up for you, with some fun sprinkled in!

Barb Girson, with, is our featured trainer & leadership liaison.  Barb will be sharing real life experiences on time management and building your business, and will be introducing new tools for you to use too!

I invite you to watch this short video on why it is important to invest in yourself as an entrepreneur.  It speaks volumes!

I look forward to seeing (& meeting) you at our annual gathering, Blue Skies Ahead, July 10th-12th in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

As an added bonus, I am sharing all of the GREAT things that happen just for our first time attendees!


Are you a First Timer?


Are you a First Timer?

You are amazingly special!  And guess what?  We’ve added even more special reasons why you should attend our July Gathering!

 First Time attendee reception – get one on one time with Jena Thompson, starting at 5:30 pm Friday evening

  • FIRST DIBS on Daisy Street, starting at 6 pm!  Why is this important?  There are only a limited number of items and products, by going in first to shop, you get the first opportunity to snag some great deals!

  • Networking with other like-minded consultants!

  • On stage recognition as a group during the Saturday evening event.

 Plus, we’ve added the following:

 1.  Sarah Moran, Sarah is our featured guest and author, who will be sharing about her natural journey Friday evening.

  1. Dr. Daisy focused training with Jena!  Saturday morning, we will kick things off with hands – on training, all around our essential oils and the Dr. Daisy product line!


  1. Leader panel.  Have questions?  Our leaders have the answers!


  1. Sunday morning Q & A with Jena Thompson.  All Product and Business Questions Welcome!

And, we have extended the EARLY BIRD PRICING to anyone who is a first timer! 

FIRST TIMER SPECIAL PRICE:  $139    Item #:  10-2