jena thompson founder&ceoAs a mom and holistic scientist, it was my desire to share my knowledge with others about the harmful effects of skin care ingredients traditionally used in daily self-care products.  I used this knowledge to create the first line of 100% natural products for my newborn son.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of cosmetic and personal care ingredients that we choose to ban in our products; ingredients that are known to cause skin diseases, hormone disruptions and more.  Ingredients like phthalates, parabens, sulfates, mineral oil and it’s derivatives have no place in our cosmetics, and we need to stand up to companies that continually think it’s OK to use these ingredients.

It will take an army; an army of empowered people sharing the Daisy Blue mission and purpose, to inspire others to have access to healthier products and choices and to make a difference in every life we touch.  When consultants join Daisy Blue, they become part of something bigger.  It is so rewarding to all of us that are part of Daisy Blue to see the differences our products are making in the lives of others.

It is my dream to continue to inspire & educate others on skin care and their ingredients.  It is our core purpose to make a difference in every life we touch, and I believe in living this purpose every day!

Jena Thompson, Founder & CEO






We are Different!

Meet Daisy Blue; where 100% natural combines with a fun opportunity. So what makes us different?

  • We are the inventors and makers of our products!
  • We make them fresh by hand, in small batches!
  • We have created our own way of preserving the product, naturally, and effectively!
  • We believe in the KISS philosophy with our products, our business, and life!
  • We are different in choosing non-traditional ingredients for our products that are healthier for you!
  • We believe in empowering others to have a career as a Daisy Blue Independent Consultant!
  • We believe in making a profit AND sharing in the wealth!
  • We believe in making a difference in every life we touch, and choose to live this every day!
  • We believe NATURAL should really mean NATURAL!
  • When we say natural, We Mean Natural!